Our name is a reference to Beatrice Portinari: the woman often cited as the spark that ignited the Renaissance movement.

Beatrice’s legendary beauty, grace, and wit are said to have influenced Dante Alighieri’s infamous epic poem, The Divine Comedy. In the book, a fictionalized version of Beatrice serves as a wise and knowledgeable guide to the underworld and afterlife.

Like Dante’s muse, we aim to spark a movement to a new era. Psychedelics and functional mushrooms are more than just food and hallucinogenic drugs.

Functional mushrooms and psychedelics have the power to transform our health and well-being through improved cognition, immunity, and mental wellness.

We aim to serve as a guide, socializing every aspect and benefit of this new world, and joining forces with leading medical producers, scientists and therapists to promote the shared cause of access and education to safe therapeutic solutions.



Currently under development inside The Waterworks Food Hall, the newest and most sought-after development in Toronto, our flagship space will be the industry’s pinnacle for exploration and education.

People will come to experience Beatrice Society Inc. through product exploration, educational seminars and workshops, speaking engagements, and events.

Our Values


We follow the evidence. We seek to replace misconceptions with science-based truths.


We’re transparent. Through everything we do, we present accessible information and pathways to informed choices.


We don’t take shortcuts. We pair knowledge with the experience to apply it.


We present only the best. Period.


Committed to the highest standards of service, product and knowledge base, Beatrice Society's offerings are from the following divisions:

Subtext Coffee Roasters

Having built a reputation as a leading multi-roaster cafe working with the best coffee roasters from around the world, the next step in the Boxcar Social evolution was the construction of its own roastery, Subtext Coffee Roasters, in February 2020.

Visit Subtext.Coffee

Boxcar Social

Boxcar General is a collection of locally driven convenience shops highlighting Toronto’s culinary entrepreneurs. The concept provides a platform for the breadth and skill of the bakers, brewers, chefs and craftspeople we work with.

Visit BoxcarSocial.ca


Discover healing through the power of Psychedelic Enhanced Psychotherapy. Mindsetting offers personally-customizable treatments for patients through a multidisciplinary approach and proprietary Therapeutic Reset of Internal Processes protocol.

Visit MindsettingPsych.ca

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