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In the late 1200s, Dante Alighiri released his in famous epic poem, The Divine Comedy. The piece was heavily influenced by Beatrice Portinari, who is often cited as the spark that ignited the Renaissance movement.

Beatrice’s legendary beauty, grace and wit was a great inspiration to Dante. In his masterwork a fictionalized version of her serves as our wise and knowledgeable guide to the afterlife: offering discovery, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Like Beatrice, we serve as a knowledgeable guide through the world of functional and psychedelic mushrooms. We’re on a mission to shift perceptions and share how functional and psychedelic mushrooms are more than just food or hallucinogenic drugs—they have the power to transform and improve our overall health and well-being, such as improved cognition, sleep quality, and immunity.

Our Values


We follow the evidence. We seek to replace mushroom misconceptions with science-based truths.


We’re transparent. Through everything we do, we create accessible mushroom knowledge and pathways to informed choices.


We don’t take shortcuts. When it comes to functional mushrooms, we pair knowledge with the experience to apply it.


We present only the best. Period.

The Science

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